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Wood-fired kiln building

This kiln was built in a flowerbed in Devon during the summer of 2018.

It is wood-fired cross-draft kiln. It is made entirely of recycled house bricks, and insulated on the outside with earth. It was built to a budget of about £50.

It is fired for around 30 hours, and reaches cone 9 (1,280 celcius) at the front. All the ware is fired green, with simple ash/clay glazes.

Wood-fired Ceramics

Selected pieces from the most recent firing in August 2019. They are all locally-dug, "wild" stoneware clay from Dartmoor.

The glazes are natural fly-ash and salt.

Some beautiful casualties.


Wood-fired stoneware

These pieces were presented as part of collaborative show Suture at C4RD gallery, Islington, in January 2019.

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