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Untitled (2020)

Copper, hand-dyed textile

These copper "gauntlets" with armoured palms were created during the filming of Sampo (2020). Each piece was annealed in a charcoal fire and sewn onto a cotton backing, which had been dyed with walnut fruit.

Untitled (2020)

Woven nettle fibre

This hat was woven between June-September 2020, during the filming of Sampo (2020), using the outer skin (bast) of approximately 250 stinging nettle plants.

Harvester (2020)

Basket, textile, wood

This costume is intended to embody the spirit of the harvest, for the autumn equinox festival. The headpiece is based on medieval beekeeping suits.

Untitled (2020)

Mild steel, terracotta, textile

This costume was worn at the opening night of Glimmering Thicket, and formed a part of the larger installation Earth Canal (2020)

The mask component of this costume is made from dished  mild steel, with lines chased in with a specially-made chasing tool. Terracotta rings were added to the piece, and it was fired to 900 centigrade in the kiln.